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#EVENT - Last session - A serious game to better understand the world of users and customers!

Updated: Sep 27

Thursday, June 23, 2022 from 9am to 1:30pm in Paris

(in French language)

We are organizing a half-day immersion in usage-driven innovation via the Radical Innovation Design® (RID) serious game. After this game session, the notions of #activity, #user, #usage, #problem, #need, #effectiveness, #ambition_perimeter and #value_bucket will have almost no secret for you!

Radical Innovation Design® (RID) is a design methodology that provides structuring support to innovators who want to systematically explore problems and unexpressed user needs. It gives them the opportunity to assess the problems and needs that are most pressing in terms of innovation, taking into account the effectiveness of existing solutions on the market.


NB: Participation is free and the number of places is limited.

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