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[Press release] We join the Karlton Research group to contribute to the democratization of the AHI

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

We join the Karlton Research group to contribute to democratize the Augmented Human Intelligence within companies in France and abroad.

Karlton Research Group companies

"Joining the Karlton Research group is a natural step based on shared values, including the idea of considering the design pitfalls encountered by our customers as levers for development. But it doesn't stop there, to pose an innovation problem at HyB'RID is already to analyze a complex system, an approach shared by the companies of the Karlton Research group.

We have developed an innovation methodology known as Usage-Driven Innovation, which systematically applies the Design Thinking approach with original algorithms for exploring the problem, identifying relevant areas of innovation, systematic ideation and quantification of the innovation generated.

We quickly understood that Geeglee knew how to optimize exploration and real-time visualization algorithms. In addition, our approach to upstream innovation interfaces perfectly with the solutions of optimal design of architecture processed by Geeglee by bringing the dimensions of use and market." explains Bernard YANNOU co-founder of HyB'RID and designer of the Radical Innovation Design® (RID) methodology.

Our objective of integrating technologies allows us to envisage, in the long term, a simulation and optimization platform for both the innovation problem and its solution to enable our customers to develop new solutions that open up new markets in sectors where competitiveness is exacerbated. underlines Bernard YANNOU

The Karlton Research group, which already includes Geeglee and System Value, is extending its expertise in the R&D value chain for products and services by acquiring our company, HyB'RID, which specializes in innovation management and usage analysis.

The extended value chain mastered by the Karlton Research Group

Vincent HOLLEY, founder of the Karlton Research group, reminds "The Karlton Research Group has become a key player in the field of Augmented Human Intelligence and continues to grow. We strengthen our clients' competitiveness and enable them to achieve their objectives by reducing their costs and their "time to market" thanks to qualified compromise choices.

Our clients ask us to go even further, and for Karlton Research Group, "going even further" means making new digital technologies accessible to other components of their value chain, including the exploration of uses, markets and technologies. The integration of HyB'RID's algorithms and analysis methods is therefore a new lever to develop the opportunities offered by Augmented Human Intelligence and to market products and services with higher added value for our clients. In this way, we will be able to offer them the possibility of gaining market share thanks to the analysis of future trends."

Our objective remains unchanged: to enable our customers to make the best decisions as early as possible. This is the meaning of the developments that have been carried out for more than a year by crossing the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), finance and human resources with those of the design of our clients' products and services. says Vincent HOLLEY


Sharing a common approach and development dynamics, we joins the Karlton Research group with the same status as Geeglee and System Value. Vincent HOLLEY has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bernard YANNOU becomes Chief Research and Strategy Officer (CRSO), and François CLUZEL, co-founder of HyB'RID, continues in his role as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Created in 2016, Karlton Research Group enables product or service design companies to strengthen their competitiveness through the opportunities offered by digital technologies. The group has 3 subsidiaries specialized in market identification, know-how capitalization and trade-off management for decision support: HyB'RID (2021), System Value (2016) and Geeglee (2017). It manages a portfolio of 20 major accounts in the new energy, transportation, space exploration, defense and medical equipment sectors.
To break down the silos between engineering disciplines, Karlton Research Group had historically positioned itself to explore product and service architecture solutions. Recognizing that the levers of competitiveness for companies are now located in areas that are compartmentalized and adjacent to engineering, the Karlton Research group has gradually expanded its offer to meet the new challenges of design. The group's offer now makes it possible to master the interdependencies between engineering, human resources, finance and Corporate Social Responsibility. An opportunity that gives these large companies the ability to make early and decisive choices of direction in the development of any system or system of systems.





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